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Reveal the Enigmatic World of Tipping: Discover the Overlooked Treasures You Never Knew

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This publish was initially printed in April 2014.


Tipping is just not about generosity. Tipping isn’t about gratitude for good service. And tipping definitely isn’t about doing what’s proper and honest in your fellow man.

Tipping is about ensuring you don’t mess up what you’re purported to do.

In my case, the story goes like this:

In school, I used to be a waiter at a bizarre restaurant known as Hearth and Ice. That is the entrance web page of their web site (fyi, these lame phrase labels are on the location, not added by me):

fire and ice

That unhappy man within the again is among the waiters. He’s unhappy as a result of he will get no wage and depends on ideas like each different waiter, however individuals undertip him as a result of at this restaurant they get their very own meals so that they assume he’s not an actual waiter although he has to carry all of them their drinks and facet dishes and provides them a full tour of the restaurant and the way it works like a clown after which bus the desk as a result of they haven’t any busboys on the restaurant and simply when the very last thing he wants is for the managers to be imply and highly effective center aged ladies who’re imply to him, that’s what additionally occurs.

Dangerous life experiences apart, the bigger level right here is that I got here out of my time as a waiter as a extremely good tipper, like all individuals who have ever labored in a job that includes tipping. And mates of mine would generally discover this and say sentences like, “Tim is a extremely good tipper.” My ego took a liking to those sentences, and now, ten years later, I’ve positioned myself proper within the “good however not ridiculously good tipper” class.

So anytime a tipping state of affairs arises, all I’m considering is, “What would an excellent however not ridiculously good tipper do right here?”

Generally I do know precisely what the reply to that query is, and issues run easily. However different instances, I discover myself within the dreaded Ambiguous Tipping Scenario.1

Ambiguous Tipping Conditions can result in quite a lot of disasters:

1) The Inadvertent Undertip

Bar 1

Bar 3

Bar 4

2) The Inadvertent Overtip

Delivery 1

Delivery 2

Delivery 3

3) The “Shit Am I Supposed To Tip Or Not?” Horror Second

Matzo 1

Matzo 2

Matzo 3

Matzo 4

Matzo 5

Matzo 6

Matzo 7

Matzo 8

I don’t wish to reside this fashion anymore. So this week, I made a decision to do one thing about it.

I placed on my Bizarre However Earnest Man Doing a Survey About One thing hat and hit the streets, interviewing 123 individuals working in New York jobs that contain tipping. My interviews included waiters, bartenders, baristas, manicurists, barbers, busboys, bellmen, valets, doormen, cab drivers, restaurant supply individuals, and even some individuals who don’t get tipped however I’m unsure why, like acupuncturists and dental hygienists.2 I coated a bunch of various areas in New York, together with SoHo, the Decrease East Aspect, Harlem, the Higher East Aspect, and the Monetary District, and tried to seize a variety, from the fanciest locations to the diviest.

About 10% of the interviews ended after seven seconds when individuals have been displeased by my presence and I’d slowly again out of the room, however for essentially the most half, individuals have been joyful to speak to me about tipping—how a lot they acquired, how usually, the way it assorted amongst buyer demographics, how massive a portion of their revenue tipping made up, and many others.—and it seems that service business employees have rather a lot to say on the subject.

I supplemented my findings with the assistance of a bunch of readers who wrote to us with detailed details about their very own experiences, and with a considerable amount of analysis, particularly from the web site of Wm. Michael Lynn, a number one tipping professional.

Okay so I do know stuff about this now. Right here’s the state of affairs—

Right here’s What You Want To Know Earlier than You Tip Somebody:

The Stats

Essentially the most crucial step in avoiding Ambiguous Tipping Conditions is simply understanding what you’re purported to do. I took all of the stats that appear to have a broad consensus on them3 and put them into this desk:

Tipping Statistics

This desk properly fills in key gaps in my earlier data. The essential thought with the low/common/excessive tipping ranges used above is that when you’re within the common vary, you’re superb and forgotten. For those who’re within the low or excessive vary, you’re observed and remembered. And repair employees have reminiscences like elephants.

What Tipping Effectively (Or Not Effectively) Means For Your Funds

Since tipping is such a big a part of life, it looks like we must always cease to really perceive what being a low, common, or excessive tipper means for our price range.

it merely, you are able to do some fast math and determine one portion of your price range. For instance, possibly you assume you’ve gotten 100 restaurant meals a 12 months at about $25/meal—so based on the above chart, being a low, common, and excessive restaurant tipper all 12 months will price you $350 (14% ideas), $450 (18% ideas), and $550 (22% ideas) a 12 months. So on this instance, it prices a low tipper $100/12 months to change into a mean tipper and a mean tipper $100/12 months to change into a excessive tipper.

I acquired a bit of extra complete, and got here up with three tough profiles: Low Spender, Mid Spender, and Excessive Spender. These fluctuate each within the frequency of instances they go to a restaurant or bar or lodge, and many others., and the fanciness of the companies they go to—i.e. Excessive Spender goes to fancy eating places and does so usually, and Low Spender goes out to eat much less usually and goes to cheaper locations.4 I did this to cowl the extremes and the center—you’re most likely someplace in between.

Tipping Budgets
Different Components That Ought to Affect Particular Tipping Selections

One factor my interviews made clear is that there’s this complete group of situation-related components that service business employees assume are tremendous related to the quantity you must tip—it’s simply that prospects by no means acquired the memo. Most prospects have their normal tip quantity in thoughts and don’t actually give it some thought a lot past that. Right here’s what service employees need you to cease not contemplating whenever you tip them:

Time issues. Generally a bartender cracks open eight bottles of beer, which takes 12 seconds, and generally she makes eight multi-ingredient cocktails with olives and an entire umbrella scene on every, which takes 4 minutes, and people two orders shouldn’t be tipped equally, although they could price the identical quantity. Alongside the identical strains—

Effort issues. Meals supply guys are undertipped—they’re like a waiter besides your desk is on the opposite facet of town. $2 actually isn’t a enough tip (and one supply man I talked to stated 20% of individuals tip nothing)—$3 or $4 is a lot better. And when it’s storming exterior? The supply guys I talked to all stated the information don’t change in dangerous climate—that’s not logical. Likewise, whereas tipping on takeout orders is good however not obligatory, one restaurant supervisor complained to me about Citibank ordering 35 lunches to go each week, which takes a very long time for some waiter to bundle (with the soup wrapped rigorously, coffees rubber-banded, dressings and condiments put in facet containers), and by no means tipping. Effort issues, and that deserves a tip.

Their wage issues. It won’t make sense that within the US, we’ve considerably arbitrarily deemed sure professions as “tipped professions” whereby the shoppers are answerable for paying the skilled’s wage, as a substitute of their employer—however that’s the way in which it’s. And as such, you’ve gotten some actual duty when being served by a tipped skilled that you simply don’t have when being served by another person.

It’s good to present a espresso barista a tip, however you’re not a horrible individual when you don’t as a result of a minimum of they’re getting paid with out you. Waiters and bartenders, alternatively, obtain someplace between $2 and $5/hour (often nearer to $2), and this a part of their test often goes fully to taxes. Your ideas are actually their solely revenue. Additionally they must “tip out” the opposite workers, so whenever you tip a waiter you’re additionally tipping the busboy, bartender, and others. For these causes, it’s by no means acceptable to tip below 15%, even when you hate the service. The best way to deal with horrible service is to complain to the supervisor such as you would in a non-tipping state of affairs—you’re not allowed to stiff on the tip and make them work free of charge.

Service issues. It appears foolish to place this in as a result of it appears apparent, and but, Michael Lynn’s analysis reveals that the quantity individuals tip barely correlates in any respect to the standard of service they obtain.5 So whereas stiffing isn’t okay, it’s good to have a variety in thoughts, not a set share, since good service must be tipped higher than dangerous service.

11 Different Fascinating Findings and Info:

1) Totally different demographics completely do tip otherwise

“Do any demographics of individuals—age, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, faith, occupation—are likely to tip otherwise than others?” ran away with the “Most Uncomfortable Query to Ask or Reply” award throughout my interviews, but it surely yielded some fairly attention-grabbing information. I solely took severely a viewpoint I heard a minimum of 3 times, and on this publish, I’m solely together with these viewpoints that have been backed up by my on-line analysis and Lynn’s statistical research.

Right here’s the overview, which is a visualization of the outcomes of Lynn’s polling of over 1,000 waiters.6 Beneath, every class of buyer is positioned at their common score over the 1,000+ waiter surveys within the research:

Who Tips the Best?

Fascinating and awkward. All through my interviews, I heard loads of opinions reinforcing what’s on that chart and virtually none that contradicted it. The best one for individuals to concentrate on was foreigners being dangerous tippers, as a result of A) it’s probably not a demographic so it’s much less awkward, and B) individuals might blame it on them “not understanding,” in the event that they didn’t wish to be imply. Others, although, scoffed at that, saying, “Oh they know…” So far as foreigners go, the French have the worst popularity.

Folks additionally persistently stated that those that act “entitled” or “fussy” or “just like the world’s out to get them” are often horrible tippers.

On the good-tipping facet, people who find themselves vacationing or drunk (or each) tip nicely, as do “regulars” who get to know the workers, and naturally, the group of individuals everybody agrees are the most effective tippers are those that additionally work within the service business (which, frankly, creeped me out by the tip—they’re fairly cultish and bizarre about how they really feel about tipping one another nicely).

2) Listed here are six confirmed methods for waiters to extend their ideas:

    • Be the alternative gender of your buyer
    • Ideally, be a slender, engaging, big-breasted blond in your 30s 7
    • Introduce your self by title
    • Sit on the desk or squat subsequent to it when taking the order
    • Contact the client, in a non-creepy method 8
    • Give the client sweet whenever you carry the test 9

After all these issues work. People are easy.

3) A number of completely different individuals stated that when a tip is low, they assume the client is reasonable or hurting for cash, however when it’s excessive, they assume it’s as a result of they did a terrific job serving the client or as a result of they’re likable (not that the client is beneficiant).

4) When a man ideas a lovely feminine an exorbitant quantity, it doesn’t make her assume he’s wealthy or beneficiant or an enormous shot—it makes her assume he’s making an attempt to impress her. Very clear and ineffective, however she’s happy to have the additional cash.

5) Don’t put a zero within the tip field if it’s a state of affairs whenever you’re not tipping—it apparently comes off as imply and pointless. Simply depart it clean and write within the whole.

6) In keeping with valets and bellmen, when individuals hand them a tip, they virtually at all times do the “double fold” the place they fold the payments in half twice and hand it to them with the numbers dealing with down so the quantity of the tip is hidden. Nevertheless, when somebody’s giving a extremely nice tip, they often hand them the payments unfolded and with the quantity exhibiting.

7) Some notes about different tipping professions I didn’t point out above:

  • Apparently nobody ideas flight attendants, and when you do, you’ll most likely obtain free drinks thereafter.
  • Golf caddies say that golfers tip higher once they play higher, however they at all times tip the most effective when it’s occurring in entrance of shoppers.
  • Tattoo artists count on $10-20 on a $100 job and $40-60 on a $400 job, however they get nothing from 30% of individuals.
  • A therapeutic massage therapist expects a $15-20 tip and receives one 95% of the time—about half of a therapeutic massage therapist’s revenue is ideas.
  • A whitewater rafting information stated he at all times acquired the most effective ideas after a raft flipped over or one thing occurred the place individuals felt in peril.
  • Strippers not solely often obtain no wage, they usually obtain a damaging wage—i.e. they should pay the membership a charge as a way to work there.

8) In keeping with Lynn, ideas within the US add as much as $40 billion annually. That is greater than double NASA’s price range.

9) The US is essentially the most tip-crazed nation on this planet, however there’s all kinds of tipping customs in different nations. Tipping professional Magnus Thor Torfason’s analysis reveals that 31 service professions contain tipping within the US. That quantity is 27 in Canada, 27 in India, 15 within the Netherlands, 5-10 all through Scandinavia, 4 in Japan, and 0 in Iceland.

10) The quantity of tipping in a rustic tends to correlate with the quantity of corruption within the nation.10 That is true even after controlling for components like nationwide GDP and crime ranges. The speculation is that the identical norms that encourage tipping find yourself leaking over into different types of trade. The US doesn’t contribute to this basic correlation, with comparatively low corruption ranges.

11) Celebrities ought to tip nicely, as a result of the individual they tip will inform everybody they find out about it ceaselessly, and everybody they inform will inform everybody they find out about it ceaselessly.

For instance: A buddy of mine served Arnold Schwarzenegger and his household at a flowery lunch place in Santa Monica known as Cafe Montana. Since he was the governor, they comped him the meal. And he left a $5 invoice because the tip. I’ve informed that story to lots of people.

  • Celebrities identified to tip nicely (these are the names that come up many times in articles about this): Johnny Depp, Charles Barkley, David Letterman, Invoice Murray, Charlie Sheen, Drew Barrymore
  • Celebrities identified to tip badly: Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, LeBron James, Heidi Klum, Invoice Cosby, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Rachael Ray, Sean Penn, Usher

I’ll end off by saying that digging into this all week has made it fairly clear that it’s dangerous to be a foul tipper. Don’t be a foul tipper. So far as common vs. excessive, that’s a private alternative and only a matter of the place you wish to dedicate no matter charity {dollars} it’s important to give to the world. There’s no disgrace in being a mean tipper and saving the generosity for different locations, however I’d argue that the $200 or $500 or $1,500/12 months it takes (relying in your degree of spending) to change into a excessive tipper is a fairly good use of charity cash. Each greenback means a ton on this planet of ideas.


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  1. This complete publish may sound considerably psychotic to somebody not from the US. Sooner or later, the US determined that prospects, not employers, ought to pay the salaries of service workers, and it’s been this weird mess of a system ever since. This complete publish refers to tipping within the US.↩

  2. I’m nonetheless unsure why, nor are they.↩

  3. My particular interviews got here from Manhattan, however my analysis confirmed that the under information is fairly correct in most locations throughout the US.↩

  4. Extra particulars right here.↩

  5. Fortunately, Lynn’s analysis additionally reveals that service employees assume service high quality does correlate to tip quantity, so the motivation system nonetheless works.↩

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